Environmental Inequalities in Mfidikoe Village

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The community of Mfidikoe village (in North West province) has been raising the issue of polluted air emissions for the past two years. On 28 November 2020, environmental students from the North-West University (NWU) flocked to the village with big machines to survey the air quality of the village.

A community environmental activist intervened to try and understand what they were doing.

The students explained that they were sent by NOVO Cellular Medicine Institute and Anglo American to study how CO2 (carbon dioxide) emissions are affecting the environment.

The community environmental activists then explained to the NWU students that though what they were doing is right, they questioned where the community based organisations’ (CBOs) were who the students should be working with. According to them, environmental CBOs and activists can assist with how they conduct the air quality surveys as they have experience with the community.

In response, the students said they would ask their professor who has been leading the survey to meet the community.

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