Health Department poorly organises CHWs induction

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The Dark City Masakhane Community Hall in Region 7 (in the Westrand of Gauteng) was the location that was chosen for the Community Healthcare Workers’ (CHW) induction from the region. The CHWs arrived early in the morning at 08:30 on 25 November, yet the officials from the Health Department arrived only at 10:00 to do the induction.

The community hall was crowded, with no social distancing happening. Some CHWs were not wearing masks, and sanitisers were not available at the entrance or inside the hall. This was because of poor organising and planning from the Department of Health’s side.

The department should have known that Region 7 has so many CHWs and they should have divided the group into smaller groups, which could be made to attend different inductions on different dates. Instead the place was chaotic with so many CHW inside the venue.

It would be funny to think how the Department of Health promotes social distancing to communities, but failed to practice what they preach while they conducted the induction, but with coronavirus infections reported to be rising greatly, it is much more worrisome.

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