Government Feeling Pressure To Get Votes

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From August to September this year, government has been trying to be visible in Ekurhuleni, a municipality east of Johannesburg. Many townships services in the region are being renewed, roads are been repaired, and drainage systems are being implemented.

In areas like Daveyton, a township on the eastrand of Johannesburg, construction is under way, parks are being fixed and jobs are being created for members of the community. For the first time in years, Daveyton has so many tenders to fix the community as whole.

But there are members of the community that feel like the government is doing all of this because of the elections next year. They feel the government is trying to buy votes at the last minute because for all these years the government was not doing anything for communities. But recently tenders were issued by the government to fix these communities.

Members of the community say that government is under pressure because they realise that next year will be time to vote. And if they do not do anything to help people and create jobs in communities, they will be exposed and possibly lose the elections.


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