I Understand

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There are days where I don’t feel the need to do anything
At times my own body has conversations in my absent
I tend to forget who I am and sleeping makes sense
Some days I wanna sleep in all day and say nothing to no one
I am a captive of my emotions and I understand.

Sitting alone makes so much sense that I see no need for company
Needing so many people yet enjoying sitting all by myself.
What am I, I asked as I turned and tossed on my bed.
I’m stuck as I jump to conclusions. Wake up!
That’s the debate in my head.

I understand your pain
You don’t want to talk, it’s okay
You want peace, I got you
I won’t force you to say what you are not ready to say
Let’s just sit, and I will be here for you
Says the people in the meeting in my head
Gosh will you be quiet already
I need peace…

This poem was submitted on 11 August 2020. You may republish this article, so long as you credit the authors and Karibu! Online (www.Karibu.org.za), and do not change the text. Please include a link back to the original article.

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