Struggle for Social Relief Continues


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It has been five months since South Africa went into lockdown and many people have been struggling. Issues such as unemployment, lack of income and food security has made it difficult to cope during this period.

Two months into the lockdown, President Cyril Ramaphosa announced that the government will be distributing social relief grants for all qualifying citizens for 6 months. It has been months since this announcement was made, but some people did not qualify to receive the funds.  On the other hand, we see politicians who have misused money meant for the poor for their own benefit and not being held accountable.

A lot of people are disadvantaged in many ways; some cannot even afford a simple meal, a roof over their heads, or even proper and warm clothes and suffer during the winter season. These are some of the issues that people in different households face in their everyday life and the government has neglected them.

On 12August 2020 the Olifantsfontein Post Office, in was flooded with people who were awaiting to receive social relief grants funds. Some people however, did not receive anything at all after waiting and waiting. “I got here at 9am, now it is 1pm and I still have not even been attended to. There is no social distancing, some people are not even wearing masks and we cannot leave until we have received the money.” explained Ratau Hlophe* (not his real name) a resident of Winnie Mandela, Thembisa. Instead of assisting citizens, the social relief grants are causing stress and constantly remind people of their daily struggles and the reality of government not delivering.


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