Lingitjhudu Secondary School Struggles to Maintain to COVID-19 Regulations

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Lingitjhudu Secondary School (in Ekangala, east of Pretoria), is trying by all means to adhere to the COVID19 regulations but poor infrastructure often prevents this. Though they have visible signage, check temperatures and sanitise everyone entering the school premises, they do not write down people’s contacts or temperatures.

The school is not perfectly clean; they clean where the eye sees, but behind the toilets there’s tall bushes. Some toilets do not have doors which deny learners privacy and there is no running water in the boys’ toilets. During the coronavirus pandemic they installed a stand outside the toilet with the soap dispenser but there is still no water.

When asked about the school, the principal said they disinfect the school everyday two times a day, but he was not very confident about matters concerning the COVID-19 regulations at the school. He said he is against the opening of schools because he feels their lives are threatened.

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