Rethabiseng Electricity Contractors Stopped by Political Pressure Group

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The community of Rethabiseng (near Bronkhorstspruit, east of Pretoria) has been in danger with broken electricity poles and wires falling on top of roofs. Also, the transformers do not cover all the homes of the location. To address this, on 14 December 2020 the municipality hired contractors to install electricity via underground wiring. These contractors hired sub-contractors from the location of Rethabiseng.

But it has been two weeks now since the community’s political pressure group stopped the contractors from working in Rethabiseng and demanded to meet the head contractor’s representative to voice their unhappiness at the amount money the sub-contractors are getting paid.

Though this is an important issue, the community worries about the safety of the kids in the community. The contractors have dug holes in front of people’s yards and the current rains have worsened these open ditches.

Rethabiseng is far behind with the development of social service because all contractors that come into the area never finish their work and just leave. Any development that comes to Rethabiseng must be discussed with the community first before it begins and the municipality should not entertain pressure groups.

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