Nurse Worried about Children at school

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“It is not easy allowing my own kids to go to school while each and every day I take out a corpse because of the COVID-19. There is nothing I can do at this moment because my first born is in matric and the second one is doing Grade 7.” says Pauline Majenge, a single parent and nurse staying in Kopanong, Tembisa (a township on the East Rand of Johannesburg).

Kopanong is very small and most of people who stay there are doctors, teachers, nurses and social workers. You need to be able to pay heavy bills every month if you stay there.

“My kids, Amogelang and Keabetswe are very smart and grown so much. Amo is doing her matric at a public school around Tembisa but Kea goes to a private school. I’ve seen so much difference between the two and the schools they go to,” Majenge says.

“Kea has too much information and all the resources to protect her from getting sick unlike Amogelang. I’m just glad that Amo is older and very responsible.”

Tersia King Learning Academy is both a high school and a primary school. It is a private school. The social distancing regulations are followed regularly every day and you are assured that the kids are safe at school. But as for Bokamoso High School. social distancing is kept only when possible.  By that I mean teachers do not look after the children all the time and sometimes children are careless.” majenge said.

“As a parent with other parents, we tried to fight and stop our children  going to school but we have failed and now most have given up.  We all know that education is important but the question is will our kids be educated when they are dead?”

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