Anna Makotla’s Personal Brush with Criminals

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The crime rate is getting higher everyday.  No one is safe especially children and women. People take crime lightly if it has not affected them directly.  It is sad that crime has spread so widely during a pandemic. People are getting killed, raped, harassed and abused by criminals. Anna Makotla, a 21-year-old female from Mashemong Section in Tembisa, East Rand of Johannesburg, was mugged.

“I was so scared and did not know whether to run or fight. It was after 19:00 and I was accompanying my friend who stay five houses away from my house.” said Makotla

“Immediately after my friend locked the gate, a white car stopped next to me and one of men approached me. They searched me, took my phone and started swearing at me.” I did not report the incident because I know Tembisa Police Station and Rabasotho Police Station never want to help. I let it go because I was not injured.  The next day I bumped into one of the guys who mugged me. I told my uncle and we went to the guy’s house, he named his friends but but I did not get my phone back because they sold it.” She explained.

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