Protect Community Healthcare Workers!

On 26 March, Khanya College delivered awareness flyers and bleach for sanitising at various health facilities. We drove to different Gauteng clinics starting in the Vaal and moving towards Johannesburg north. We met with many militant and ready Community Healthcare Workers (CHWs), though in need of many relevant resources in these difficult times of this pandemic. These workers were ready and dedicated to face this challenge of a mammoth task. I spoke to one of the CHWs in Vlakfontein, and she mentioned that her work is going to have to wait because she needs a permit that will enable her work. Many CHWs will also be on lockdown because they don’t have the working permits that should have been arranged by the Department of Health.

CHWs are part of the medical fraternity and they are one of the key aspects in our society. The government needs to put in more effort and strength of support for our doctors, nurses, and especially to our community health caregivers. The support of proper resources is needed to continue doing a good job. This is the first key priority area of management to keep on check in order to fight a strong battle against a pandemic of such magnitude.

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