The Central Business District (CBD) of Johannesburg, fondly called the City of Gold, has a huge mass of people from different countries, flowing about within the inner-city.

The lack of mental health education and awareness is worsening in South African working class townships, because communities are not well exposed to knowledge on the subject.

The population of elderly people is gradually increasing. Statistics South Africa, covered the population growth of persons above 60 years old at 5.43 million in the year 2020.

The Impact of the recent global pandemic on different aspects of life, has led to a rapid transition from traditional media to an introduction of a new focus in mass media.

Activists and community members from all over Johannesburg came to attend a cultural poetry workshop at Newton, workers museum.

Kamuhelo Surprise Mailula (21) is a theatre practitioner, Screen Actor, Writer and Audience Developer at Page to Stage.

Simphiwe Dlamini (63) is an African Reclaimer that was born at Muzimhlophe in Soweto in the 1960s.

Kagittan Hayatlar (Paper Lives) 2021. Is a Turkish movie written by Ercan Mehmet Erdem.