Forum Carers meet

On 21 October, the Gauteng Community Health Care Forum (the Forum) held a meeting at the House of Movements in Johannesburg. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the issues around the FNB cards and bank accounts that the Department of Health (DoH) has been giving to the Community Healthcare Workers (CHWs) in the last few weeks, and more recently on Friday, 15 October 2017. The DoH and Smartpurse required CHWs to open new First National Bank (FNB) accounts, and refused other bank accounts that many CHWs already have. This action was taken without consultation of CHWs and how they feel about it. In the meeting, a decision was made that the Forum will to write to FNB to arrange a meeting with the Forum Office Bearers (OBs). The OBs of the Forum will also meet with the NUPSAW, a union structure that also organises community healthcare workers. According to the Forum, this meeting is to discuss strategies in fighting for CHWs’, and also to discuss the settlement of DoH.

The Forum Treasurer, Tshepo Matoko reminded the members about subscriptions, the joining fees and the T-shirts that have not been paid. Afterwards comrade William gave a reportback to members about new members from Sedibeng and other regions. It was suggested that elections for committee members happen in those regions. Cde William also reported on the elections of the Regional Comity Leaders. According to cde William, the elections went well and candidates were chosen by comity members in each region.

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