Covid-19 Attacks Clinic Staff Again

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Covid-19 has attacked Extension 28 Clinic staff in Vosloorus for the third time. The pandemic is very dangerous if you don’t follow the rules of protecting yourself. The government and the Department of Health are always repeating the rules of staying safe by keeping the distance, using mask all the time, washing hands or using sanitisers all the time when going to the stores or crowded spaces.

At Extension 28 Clinic, 7 staff members were already infected with Covid-19. Department of Health, however, has changed the rules and now says when you are infected with Covid-19 you only quarantine for 10 days and come back to work to serve the community. The quarantine used to be 14 days.

On Monday 27 July 2020, the staff tested positive so the clinic manager announced to the community that the clinic is closing again. The clinic will be fumigated and will be closed until further notice.

One of the Ward Based Outreach Team members (a Community Health Care Worker) tested positive on 3 July 2020 but still the whole team has not been tested for corona virus.  The co-worker and her closed contacts were never called for testing. Its clear that the pandemic rules are not followed at all times.

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