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Self-development has always been a good thing and might come handy during these hard times.

The Corona virus pandemic has uprooted and changed all of our lives. It has also greatly affected the economy and businesses, and has resulted in a lot of people losing their jobs and incomes.

We all have many expenses which makes having an income very crucial. To make matters worse, the cost of living has increased and getting by has become even harder. Our government promised to provide people in need with some assistance but has not kept to this promise. The meagre increases to grants such as the social, old-age and disability grants as well as the inconsistency of the pay outs of the social relief grant has not really helped.

Businesses have had to down scale their work force as a way of cutting costs and this unfortunately meant that a lot of people lost their jobs. With the current situation we are faced with, it is extremely hard to find a job as most businesses can’t afford to hire new people. The way in which business is being conducted and how the demands of consumers have changed, it might be a good idea to learn a new skill which is relevant at the moment.

There are a few things you can dabble in for now and maybe it might be something that carries you through for a long time. Since a lot of people have been working from home and companies have been looking for ways to market themselves even more now, doing a computer course or a marketing course can’t hurt. Trying to up-skill during this time might come in handy and provide some opportunities. Another thing is that you could try to visit those skills of yours which you never considered using as a means of generating an income. If you have good culinary skills perhaps you can try your hand in the food industry, or even if you have skills in any other things like arts and crafts, fashion or any other thing, maybe you be creative and try to use it your advantage.

Times are tough and creating opportunities for yourself could be the only way to survive seeing that not much is being done to assist. Therefore doing some self- development is something great.

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