Residents from Emvagwe iSporo, an informal settlement in Kliptown, a township in the south-west of…

“In recent times women have started standing up and speaking up for themselves, and empowering themselves. But, despite this, women are still extremely marginalised, still overlooked when it comes to job placements and if they do get jobs, they are…”

“Anna* a resident of the Mandela Square informal settlement in Kliptown has been one of the people who has been selling traditional beer. “I saw that people were starting to make ginger (beer) and selling it so I decided to…”

“Since a lot of people have been working from home and companies have been looking for ways to market themselves even more now, doing a computer course or a marketing course can’t hurt. Trying to up-skill during this time might…”

“Althea Foster had inherited the home from her late father, and was living in it with her young daughter and her adult son. She and her daughter had been visiting a friend when the fire broke out; and so was…”

“The community is riddled with a lot of social issues such as crime, violence, unemployment as well as drug and alcohol abuse. These issues have become more prominent in recent years and most of the youth have fallen victim to it…”

A 21 day national COVID-19 lockdown was called from the 26th of March 2020. We are on day six of it but there are no signs of a lockdown in most areas. In Eldorado Park (south of Johannesburg in Gauteng), residents are not acknowledging the lockdown at all. People are going about like they are …