Stolen Computers Affects Clinic Administration

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Rethabiseng Clinic in Bronkhorstspruit, east of Pretoria, got robbed of computers on 12 October 2020. Now there are no computers to capture new clients’ information. The previous patients who attended the clinic for appointments have lost all their information.

Security personnel were present at the time of the robbery. They were afraid for their lives because they were unarmed and the robbers had firearms. Police were called to the clinic to take a statement and pictures. The clinic continued to work and helping the community.

If people can take important things that the clinic uses daily, then the place is not safe. The robbers only took computers, not caring for other things like medication. Security officers are not safe at all because they cannot fight with people who are armed. They cannot fight only armed with handcuffs and security batons. I think security companies should upgrade so that every officer should have a firearm for their safety, especially those who work during the night.

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