Soweto Is Drowning!


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6 December 2022 started with several thunderstorms and heavy rain that wake people from their sleep and dreams. On 7 December 2022, people awoke to flooding in their area.

Infrastructure was destroyed in many homes; walls, streets, and bridges, showing how fragile the infrastructure is.

People have been woken up to the rain and thunder thinking it will pass, little did they know that it will pass with their furniture, important documents, clothes, and food.

Thandi Ngubeni (65), a resident of Protea North, Soweto, said that “this is horrific, when it happened in other provinces I do not think we thought we it would happen to us in Soweto, we are shocked by this disaster, it is setting us back from plans we had for December,” said Ngubeni.

“People do not have jobs and with the floods, it will drive them mad to resort to crime if the government does not help them. It is embarrassing that we need to beg for help from people we voted for. I’m puzzled by the time it takes them to take action, I am so sad,” expressed Ngubeni, emotionally.

The recent floods affected parts of Soweto such as Protea North, Protea Glen, Protea South, Kliptown, Orlando and other areas not covered.

Tumelo Moloi (36) from Protea South, who is currently unemployed, added “it is festive season and to see God fight with us in this way this means many things, he is not happy. When we prayed for the rain we did not pray for this disaster. The parks look unsafe for our children to play in and I ask myself how will they play, I’m even afraid [to] travel because what if this disaster strikes again?”

The Department of Human Settlements is making visits in areas that were flooded, they are making records of affected areas to fix roads and homes, but no dates were said to when all can be fixed.

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