“Travelling is often associated with the elite and when the working class attempts to do it, it is only by visiting close relatives from far-off provinces. This festive season some young South Africans decided to change this tendency. Ntokozo Langa…”

“People do not have jobs and with the floods it will drive them mad to resort to crime if the government does not help them. It is embarrassing that we need to beg for help from people we voted for…”

“While studying, I stumbled upon the black consciousness movement’s notes and the Pan Africanism lectures, I intend to write around that as my way to impact the arts, raising questions such as ‘What Does It Mean To Be Black?’ in…”

How Eskom has been treating the end-user is diabolical. People no longer trust the ruling party to find the solution to loadshedding which has continued beyond the promised time. This issue has become social. For people living with chronic diseases…

South African youth are forced to beg for employment, some are lucky to get employed but it is not enough. Individuals must devise means to find other sources of income, simply put to have a ‘side hustle’.
Ayanda “Magolide” Madywabe…

5 November 2022, was a day filled with laughter, punching and piercing
sounds submerged with melodic lyrics.

On 30 of October 2022, the last day of the Jozi Book Fair festival taking place at the Workers Museum in Newtown, in Johannesburg, there was a dancing session facilitated by Christos Daskalakos.

On 29 October 2022, the Jozi Book Fair Festival was hosted, at the Workers Museum in Newtown.