Travelling to Relax The Mind – This Festive


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Travelling is often associated with the elite and when the working class attempts to do it, it is only by visiting close relatives from far-off provinces. This festive season some young South Africans decided to change this tendency.

Ntokozo Langa (24) from Chiawelo, Soweto is a financial auditing trainee. “I went to visit Mpumalanga, Marloth Park this December, I travel for fun and to reward myself for the hard work I had to put in during the year. My partner and I planned this excursion so we could spend quality time together as the course of the year has been stressful and demanding,” said Langa.

Langa said she is not comfortable discussing the financial costs of her travelling. She further said, “with the economic state of South Africa, I do not blame people for not being able to travel, everything is expensive and it is not nice that South Africans cannot explore their own land regardless of how much they make. Inflation rates have an effect on consumer spending, so since these have increased, petrol, food and accommodation is quite costly.”

She urged local youth to save money whatever they can so they can travel and discover places during the festive season, so they can have an open mind on themselves and the country.

Another youngster, Ntokozo Tshabalala (23), from Protea North, Soweto is working as an Intern at GEMS (Golf Estate Management Service)

“For this festive season I started by saving from January so that I enjoy my December, I visited Botswana for the first alone without family, I wanted to explore the land by myself,” she said,

“As it was my first time in a new country I needed to know my destinations, which is important so I do not get lost or find myself in hotspots of petty crimes. I also had to take note of factors like the climate, the accommodation costs and the area I have chosen to stay in so that I am aware of the dangers and pleasures I may face. I needed to also do my research on the activities I wanted to partake in so I can fully explore the land,” said Tshabalala, cheerfully

“I saved about R6000 for the holiday, I went with my two friends. I do not think Gauteng people like to travel, they seem comfortable with where they are. It is always the people outside the province who like to travel and are ready to unpack new things about this South African soil,” explained Tshabalala.

“I do not think travelling is expensive. Travelling needs a cool budget, as young people, we must learn how to save so we can all be able to travel, I am not saying people must break the bank just to travel but save the little R100 you have every month and one may find themselves in amazing places,” she added.

Palesa Motaung (26) an esthetician resides in Balito, Durban. “I travelled to Dublin in Ireland for this December, my spouse and I usually start budgeting at the beginning of the year so we have enough money to spend,” said Motaung.

“The importance of travelling is that you get to learn first the history of the country. I know it sounds cliché, but then it is important to learn about the history, the culture, the food and most importantly for me is how to take care of my skin in different climates,” expressed Palesa.

“I think South Africans don’t travel much because they have the mindset of it is too expensive and prefer to do things the traditional way. Travelling is not expensive if you know your pockets but It goes both ways because of the currency I guess,” further added Motaung.

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