In the new world of Technology, the Agricultural sector will be one of the industries that will survive as it works with food, a basic need in communities.

It is without a doubt that the South African health system is very poor.

Mainstream media has always played a great role in shaping public discourse and even ideas about what is true and not true about society.

Almost every week there is a post on social media of child-kidnapping and killings and parents are living on the edge everyday wondering if their children are safe.

The sports club, Mighty Bros Football Club is based in Germiston.

“The study groups are designed in a triangular format. The triangle is built out of the staff study group, WhatsApp study group, and the mass study group. This format ensures that readings are broken down slowly and read again for …”

“Where else should we go?” were the words of one of the homeless after the Ekurhuleni Metro closed all the openings the homeless use to enter the grounds around the area in Germiston.

In a blink South Africa seems to be lighting up in flames with more and more kills happening around the country from the tavern shooting to armed robberies, of course, there are many stipulations from different communities but everything seems to be back-to-back and many disturbing things are happening.

South Africa has a lot of problems; alcoholism is right on top of the list.

The Blah Blah Brothers Productions was established in April 2017 by Dingaan Khanye, Tumelo Ntsalo and Potsane Mohale.

The youth should be provided a space to learn and also teach each other and