Cash in Transit Robbery at Katlehong

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There was a deadly cash-in-transit robbery in the east of Johannesburg on 17 February 2023, Friday morning. The incident took place on Kgotso street, the main street of zone 5, Mavimbela section, Katlehong. Mama Dudu Dubazane (65) from Thokoza, an eyewitness, said “I was sitting with my neighbour, Lindiwe Skhosana, she was telling me about her trip to SASSA that they finally accepted her grant forms when we heard a sound of cars bumping each other and when we were about to check, gunshots were fired and we ran to the back of the coal truck and hid ourselves. I couldn’t run away to a far place cause my stock was in the open space where I sell my chickens.”

“I was so scared; this was my first time seeing someone being shot. I can’t believe what I saw. I was so scared and concerned about the school kids ‘cause the bell just rang and they were just playing inside the [school] premises,” added Dubazane, fearing for the children. Although the events took place a day before happened a previous day when talking about it Dubazane was still visibly shaking and her eyes full of tears. The sexagenarian said she would like to see a therapist to get counselling for her to heal after the traumatic experience she witnessed that day. “I haven’t seen a doctor, I don’t have money to go there and yes I would love to get counselling,” she said.

“When the guns were shot, a big ‘boom[ing]’ sound of a bomb, and these two boys climbed on top of the money car (sic) taking the bags of money, and this bomb sound banged two more times and I saw them taking a bag filling some coins and ran into [ano]the car and took off. At that time, we were ‘dead’ of shock. My neighbour was crying, she couldn’t take it because as soon as the cars flee (sic) she also ran home,” she continued.

The members of the community ran to see if there were no notes of money around. “I also packed my stock and went home. I didn’t want to see myself outside [anymore],” she concluded.

According to unconfirmed reports one person died and three were injured from the robbery.

Later on, the police discovered two cars used during the cash in transit robbery on Friday morning. The cars were found in nearby Palmridge. Four men and one woman who were at the house have been taken in for questioning.

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