Thatha-Zonke Helps Woman in Need in Katlehong

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On 23 February 2023, Ekurhuleni Thatha-Zonke Anti-crime Unit raided a house in Mavimbela section where a group of nyaope users stay. A woman called the unit after her cousin’s child ran the house down, which he was given to live in. Mama Dikeledi Mofokeng (63) inherited the house in Masakhane Street, Mavimbela section, Katlehong, from her late parents. When she acquired the house from her parents, she already owned a house and asked her cousin’s son to look after her parents’ home.

The man aged 29 years started using nyaope after which he began destroying the house and turned it into a nyaope den for his mates. Community members started calling mam Mofokeng and told her to come and talk to her nephew. The drug addict nephew claimed that he owned the house and that he could do what he wanted with his property.

On10 February 2023, the drug users broke into a neighbour’s house and stole a television set and a laptop. The neighbour went to Mofokeng and demanded she repays the value of the stolen property things. She was forced to come to the house and reprimand her nephew on her own. The 29-year-old grabbed a knife and chased Mofokeng out of her own house. The 63-year-old Mofokeng was advised by the street committee members to go to Thatha-Zonke Anti-crime Unit and ask for their help to kick the young man out of her parents’ house.

The Unit raided the house and confiscated the drugs, knifes, and the cell phones found at the house. There was no sign of the neighbours’ plasma television or laptop as they were allegedly sold. The Unit demanded that they show them where they sold the electronic equipment and fetched it.

“It is unfortunate that the owners of the cell phones are unknown. We were going to give them back to their owners but now we will hand them [over] to the SAPS as we don’t keep stolen goods,” said one member of the Thatha Zonke Unit. The community was not happy that no one was arrested as the men at the house were found in possession of drugs and weapons.

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