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Tips to access nutritious food on the budget of an average working class person earning a minimum wage. As people, we tend to forget that our bodies need nutritious food to fight against sickness which is spreading around. It is always healthy to have vegetables and fruit daily, especially when you are on medication for chronic diseases. It is always healthy to limit the amount of spice, oil and salt in your meals to avoid high blood pressure, diabetes and other illnesses.

It is easier to just eat junk food because we don’t give ourselves time to draft a list of things that we need to buy for us to be healthy. We usually eat junk food like ‘amagwinya’ (fatcakes) in the morning, during the day we eat ‘kota’ (township food similar to bunnychow) and late we eat ‘inyama yenhloko’ (cowhead), forgetting that all these foods are not healthy for our bodies. So, I saw that it might be a good idea to help the working class on this tips to fight malnutrition.

  1. Try to increase your use of eggs, beans, whole grains, white meat, fruit and vegetables.
  2. Make your grocery list and be sure you stick to it.
  3. Plan your meals according to the days of the week.
  4. Cook at home, avoid buying takeaways.
  5. Don’t shop when you are hungry or craving for something because you will likely end up feeding your craving instead of buying healthy food.
  6. Mostly buy frozen vegetables and fruit. They are cheaper and they are always available in stores.
  7. Buying in bulk helps save money. Make use of your freezer by storing all the meat, vegetables, and fruit.

Hopefully, these tips will help you out and you will see the difference in your savings at the end of each month after buying, and securing your healthy lifestyle living.

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