Rapist Caught and Beaten by Community

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In Palmridge, Ext.10, a man was beaten to a pulp after allegedly committing multiple rapes of children around aged nine years old. According to witnesses, the man always waited outside the schoolyard as if he was waiting for his own child, after each school day. The suspect was spotted by a couple of ladies who noticed that he would take different children daily. They reported the matter at the school and were told that an investigation would be opened. The ladies were not convinced and took it upon themselves to follow him on that day.

At about 13:00 PM the ladies were waiting at the gate as usual and the guy came and he gave a young girl R1 to go buy snacks so they could go. One off the ladies called the girl and asked if she knew the guy who gave her money, the child replied, “umalume” (uncle). Next, the lady asked her where the malume stays but the girl said she doesn’t know. The lady’s suspicions were confirmed as she rushed and told the other two what the little girl had told her.

The women followed the man and the girl until they saw them go into an abandoned house in the area where new houses were recently built. According to witnesses, the women rushed in and found the man molesting and they grabbed him then blew a whistle. Community members came to the scene rushing.

After they heard what the guy was found doing everyone was screaming that the guy should be killed there and then. He was so fortunate that someone called the police and they came in time to save him. He is still in custody awaiting his trial.

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