Eskom is Failing Us

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In Zuurbekom (on the Westrand of Gauteng) loose wires are often left hanging on the ground after Eskom is finished doing their work. It is very dangerous for the community to be around these exposed electricity wires and when they are left exposed they also attract criminals who steal the cables from the neighbourhood.

This also affects schoolchildren who are not aware about how dangerous the electricity is. Safety is a priority in every environment, but now heavy electrical currents are flowing overhead from hanging wires and on the ground. Many children have been reported to have been shocked and sometimes killed by loose wires that are left exposed.

Most informal settlements use illegal electricity connection, while they are still waiting for their to be developed and equipped with electricity. These illegal connections also cause problems of exposed electricity wires.

During winter season it’s very cold so people plug heaters, stoves and other appliances to warm themselves up, which uses a lot of electricity current. Loadshedding and high prices of electricity is caused by the state. The units are always decreasing while the electricity price is rising.

Electricity is very important and it is not only up to the state to be responsible for our needs and safety. The community can be organised and raise awareness on how to use electricity safely.

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