The Importance of Political Education for the Working Class

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Khanya College hosted a workshop on 18 February 2021 for Community Healthcare Workers (CHWs) organised in the Gauteng Community Health Care Forum (the Forum). The purpose of the workshop was to meet and discuss issues and challenges that the working class face in their communities.

The workshop covered the various leadership portfolios, roles, skills and ways we can improve and promote healthcare in working class communities. Building of organisations and campaigns were also part of the workshop and this helped the activists present to understand the different actions that organisations can take.

The workshop also included discussions about feminising our struggles and building campaigns around women’s health and violence against women and children. The last discussion the workshop held was on how to develop and expand the Forums legal work by engaging other organisations that are in the same struggle in working class communities.

The workshop participants also went out into the City of Johannesburg to distribute pamphlets and engage the community about the CCMA budget cuts and the #OpenCCMA campaign currently happening. This showed another side to the importance of political education for the working class.

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