No Trains Lead To Frustration

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Since the trains are no longer travelling in the West Rand (of Johannesburg), most school learners have dropped out of school and many people have lost their jobs due to lack of alternative transport.

There is only one school in Zuurbekom, a township in the west of Johannesburg, which is a primary school that continues to Grade 9. Learners who pass their Grade 9 at the school have to go to other schools that are outside Zuurbekom, and they have to use transport to get there in time. Taxis are not reliable because they don’t travel on time and are expensive. The train stations have been vandalised by thieves who steal cables and metals for scrap recycling.

The future of the community is now at risk because of the lack of transport. Parents can’t afford the taxi money to take their children to school and also get themselves to work.

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