New HIV Self-Screening And Testing Tools

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The Department of Health (DoH) received testing kits and information from the World Health Organisation (WHO) about the new ways of testing, treating and preventing HIV/AIDS.

On 13 and 14 August 2020, different groups of Community Healthcare Workers (CHWs) were taken in for training for the new HIV self-screening and testing tools which took place at Bekkersdal Clinic, Westonaria on the Westrand of Johannesburg.

CHWs were trained on how, when and where to use these testing tools. These tools are going to make things very easy for people who are not able to reach the clinic because they can test at home.

World AIDS Day is approaching and we have to continue working together to help our communities by educating households about HIV/AIDS. Since the COVID-19 lockdown, people have only been looking at one side while there are many other diseases and viruses affecting and killing people in our communities.

While schools were closed, there were concerns of teenage pregnancy, drug and alcohol abuse amongst the youth, which also lead to the rise in infections.

West Rand District promised to give CHWs the tools after the training. The training will help CHWs to have knowledge to provide good service to communities.

Health is a major priority in any country. While we are still on Level 2 of the lockdown, people have been taking off their masks and have got back to their old daily habits. COVID-19 and HIV/AIDS are two different types of viruses that are going to live with us forever. We need to spread awareness about all these viruses. We need to spread information on how to screen, test, treat people and prevent mass infections. Training and workshops make things simpler for health workers on the field.

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