No Water in Rand-West Clinics

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We in the Rand-West (West-Rand) clinics are out of water.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) says that we should wash our hands regularly with clean water, the PJ Maree Clinic is facing a big water crisis.

Due to the water crisis, nurses have to use sanitisers to wash their hands, and at times there is not even enough sanitizer for each room. This is despite WHO saying that after every second patient, hands should be washed.

Even the patients cannot access toilets when they are at facilities because of the water crisis. Community members are angry and frustrated, with the elderly not able to get water to drink especially when their sugar levels are high.

An insider in the clinic shared that, “Managers refuse to close the facilities because the government wants stats. Staff have to bring their own water from home and at times they don’t want to share with others.”

How can health facilities that teach about hygiene have no hygiene!

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