“It is surprising how they afford alcohol and all the other harmful substances. They believe that through alcohol they can hide their feelings especially when they are hurt. They would rather be drunk then face their problems. This eases their…”

“The Olifantsfontein Police Station, in the East of Johannesburg, has closed and reopened three times now since the lockdown started because some officials tested positive for the coronavirus. Services were rendered outside the premises of the station. Now the station…”

“Two months into the lockdown, President Cyril Ramaphosa announced that the government will be distributing social relief grants for all qualifying citizens for 6 months. It has been months since this announcement was made, but some people did not qualify…”

“Many schools closed because learners and teachers tested positive for the virus. This means that the academic calendar is being affected. Learners have to find all other means to cover up for lost time even though this seems highly impossible…”

“The level of unemployment has really caused a lot of anxiety and fear. The pandemic has deepening the rate of poverty in the country. In the news we have seen that the government officials are looting the money. The ruling…”

“Workers like Thobakgale are forced to work under very hard and unpleasant conditions and because of survival they cannot just leave their jobs. Thobakgale represents the majority of South Africans that the government has neglected. Only a small portion of…”

By Emeldah Khumalo 2 April 2020 The COVID-19 coronavirus has played a huge and painful role in the lives of people in the world. The virus has claimed a lot of lives since it started. In the long term, even if some may not die, their lives are no longer the same. The cycle and …