Youths Drowning Their Economic Sorrows in Alcohol

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It is clear that many people in the country are suffering and the economic state keeps deteriorating. There are young people who are unemployed and there is not much the government is doing to assist them.  It seems like most of their dreams are shattered with the pandemic worsening things.

As a result youth have resorted to other bad activities such as selling their bodies just to have a source of income. Young ladies have alternated to dating older men to be able to get what they need. Same applies to young men dating older women and are then referred to as “Ben 10s”. Some have turned into heartless criminals and abusers,   while others have resorted to alcohol and drugs to forget about all the hard situations including unemployment, lack of food and other basic needs.

On Monday, 17 August 2020 the alcohol ban was lifted again. Without a doubt we know that the alcohol and tobacco industries employ a lot of people. When these industries are halted people employed in those industries are highly affected.

Many young people are suffering and just end up giving up in life. This is why its important for those close to them to support them.

There were different views on South Africa moving to lockdown level 2, especially the lifting of the alcohol ban. But for the young people who see alcohol and grooving as ways of dealing with their problems, they were happy that finally they can have something to keep them busy.

It is surprising how they afford alcohol and all the other harmful substances. They believe that through alcohol they can hide their feelings especially when they are hurt. They would rather be drunk then face their problems. This eases their pain because they will be drunk rather than be thinking about their daily problems such as unemployment and poverty.

“I know that when I go out with my friends and family members they will share with me what they are drinking, sometimes when I have money I do buy as well. Even if I don’t buy alcohol that money will not solve my problems.  I don’t mind spending on alcohol because I feel better after drinking,” said Silayi Khumalo (not his real name).


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