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Janice Augus

By Tebogo Tsweu

Janice Augus (20) is from Welkom, Free State. She lives with her mother Angelique Augus, her father, Francois Augus and 2 siblings. Augus went to Welkom Secondary School from 2017-2021 Augus loved playing rugby but lost interest after She got injured. Augus is currently studying at a Computer College.

Augus was in an abusive relationship at the age of 15 for over a year and that led her to become an activist. She is a Gender Based Violence (GBV) activist and has an interest to help other women escape violent situations and speak about it. Augus works for New Bronville as a Financial Coordinator where She has deepened her activism.

One of her challenges as an activist is that while She is always encouraging people not to give up in their struggle, people are always so quick to lose hope and give up. As an activist, she enjoys attending workshops, training and networking with other activists. Her message is ‘keep on trying your best’.

Busisiwe Ndzakayi
By Noluvuyo Lata

Busiswe Ndzakayi (36) was born in Queenstown, Eastern Cape which is now called Komani. Busiswe is a single mother of 3 beautiful children. She completed a diploma in public relations but has never worked in that field due to the scarcity of jobs. She began her activism journey in 2017 when she joined an organisation called Independent Komani Residents Association (IKORA) which is a social justice movement. Ndzakayi joined the organisation because it deals with social issues that she relates to such as Gender Based Violence (GBV) and empowering women. She hopes to gain knowledge on how to write and voice out struggles in her organisation and her community.

These profiles were submitted as part of the Imbila Yesu publication produced daily for the duration of the Winter School in 2023 (23-28 July 2023). It appeared in Edition No.2, released on 25 July 2023.

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