April Message From The Forum Office Bearers

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The Gauteng Community Health Care Forum (the GCHC Forum) has been part of a joint #OpenCCMA Campaign with other organisations to demand the reopening of the CCMA after the announcement of government cuts to the CCMA’s budget a few months.

The Forum met with the South African Care Workers Forum (SACWF) and they agreed with the Forum about the need to assist and support CHWs in other provinces to fight for permanent employment. As part of this work, the GCHC Forum has been engaging with CHWs from Mpumalanga (MP) and North West (NW) provinces about how to organise themselves and fight.

CHWs in the NW and MP are doing a great job with mobilising as many CHWs to be on board with this struggle, and the GCHC Forum applauds and encourages them to keep up the good work and persist for the best results. The GCHC Forum looks forward to building a relationship with CHWs around the country who do the same job of making sure that our communities are served good health and the respect they deserve.

As CHWs we are currently receiving the COVID-19 vaccine through the national rollout process. We have also begun assisting people over the age of 60 years to register for the vaccine, which is a new part of our scope of work. There are many uncertainties about the vaccine so we hope and pray that no side effects affect us or our community.

Let us serve our communities with integrity and explain everything to them about the vaccine process. Let us keep in mind that no one should be or is forced to vaccinate and inform them about their choices.

Retla dula re direla setjhaba! AMANDLA!!!

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