“UN aid chief says 730,000 Sudanese children are thought to suffer from ‘severe’ malnutrition.
Nearly five million people in Sudan are at risk of “catastrophic” hunger in the coming months, the United Nations has warned, calling for the country’s warring…”

“Fourteen countries on the 15-member council on Friday backed the resolution proposed by the United Kingdom, with only Russia abstaining from the vote.The resolution called on “all parties to the conflict to seek a sustainable resolution to the conflict through…”

“Rafah, a looming Israeli ground “operation”, and the impact on more than a million trapped civilians are top headlines. But what is Rafah and what are the details around this announced Israeli “operation”? What is Rafah? Rafah straddles the border…”

Thousands of people gathered in the South African town of Marikana to mark a decade since dozens of striking workers were killed in the worst act of police violence since the end of apartheid.