“The Presidential addresses ‘expressing concern’ will not prevent the coronavirus from killing thousands of people in working class communities across South Africa, so it is extremely important that we organise ourselves within each and every township, informal settlement and working class…”

“In order to respond to coronavirus we will need thousands if not millions of people to perform numerous tasks and actions in service of the public. South Africa currently has a large pool of unemployed people…”

“The lack of infrastructure in working class communities to deal with COVID-19 and the government’s refusal to take any measures or mobilise the forces and resources needed will pose a great challenge…”

The working class and the struggle against the corona virus The Coronavirus named COVID-19, which today (15 March), has infected at least 160 000 people worldwide and killed thousands has now landed…

“In South Africa the working class is generally at high risk of contracting the corona virus because of widespread poverty, social inequality and the failing public health…”