BOOK LAUNCH: Memoirs: A Priest for Workers by Fr. Joe Falkiner with Moses Cloete (Benchmarks)

Format: Book Launch & Conversation
Date and Time: Sunday, 07 November 2021, 11:00 -12:00
Venue: Newtown Park/Live Stream on JBF Facebook Page
Moderator and Speakers: Ighsaan Schroeder, Fr. Joe Falkiner, Moses Cloete


Speaker: Fr. Joe Falkiner


Joe Falkiner, born and educated in gold-mining towns at a time when the economy of South Africa depended vastly on the extraction of this metal from the ground, himself became a geologist in the world of mining. There he encountered lowly-paid African workers. At the age of 28 he broke out of that world, deciding to work rather for God. To receive guidance in what that would mean he joined the Dominican Order and became a Catholic priest.

As a priest in the working-class black townships of Gauteng, he found himself immersed in the home-life of exploited workers and their families. He saw their needs and together with youth of the Young Christian Workers (the YCW) helped thousands to form the first independent trade unions on the East Rand. He lived with them through the brutal time of oppression before the new South Africa was born.

In his old age he has written this book of memoirs A PRIEST FOR WORKERS which reveals how God guided him throughout those turbulent times.


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