CALS and Freedom Park Meeting – 24 January 2016

The residents of Freedom Park and Centre for Applied Legal Studies had a consultative meeting with those affected with the allocations of RDP houses in the area. The meeting was attended by CALS, and UJ #FeesMustFall students. The purpose of the meeting was for CALS to get a resolution and form a sub-structure that will work with CALS during their legal attempt to take the Human Settlement Department to court.

The meeting was attended by not more than 50 people, though 500 were expected. The meeting was scheduled for 10:00am. No resolution or sub-structure was formed and the list was not also collected as per the request made by the last meeting, on the 15th of December 2015 and 13th of January 2016. But what was discovered was that Mrs Thandiwe Gladys Mnikati, is the occupant of stand number 78 Ext 35, and Mrs Ceba Nobubele Christina occupant of stand number 88 Ext 35, but both are living in the informal settlement. Their stands are being occupied by unknown people. The question is who is responsible for the allocations of the said stands? Who are those people?

Wandisa Phama from CALS, said that they are interested in visiting those people who are affected, and seeing their living conditions as well as those who are called the backyard dwellers or who are renting. A man who called himself Phoofolo, with a ANC cap, wearing the SACP T-shirt and also holding the SACP flag, nearly disrupted the meeting. He was called to order by the community and he left peacefully.

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