Cables Stolen in Khutsong

Electric theft causes power cuts in Khutsong South Ext 2, Carletonville since last week Monday. On Thursday, 16 January 2020, the residents there embarked on a strike, blocking traffic, burning tires on the R559 Road, between Carletonville and Welverdiend.

The residents are facing blackouts and demanded that the power should be restored. They raised their anger and frustration to the street. They felt that the municipality has failed to supply them with electricity for years. And electric theft and vandalism of infrastructure costs billions of rand and blackouts cause food spoilage. The situation has negative impact on them, students and business people.

The criminals tampering with electrical equipment causes problems and leave homes and businesses with unsafe appliances that can cause fire and explosions. They felt that electric theft is an issue that causes major problems for Eskom and residents. At worse it causes dangerous incidents and fatalities. This is a complete crime which carries with it serious risks.

Criminals are digging up streets to get access to the main supply. The municipality has an obligation to put an end to electric theft. The police, Eskom and municipality must investigate and prevent the theft of electrical cables.

The residents raised concerns that there are no arrests on perpetrators made since.

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