Day 3 of the Coronavirus Lockdown in Carletonville

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A taxi driver was arrested today for violating the rules and regulations under which the taxis are supposed to be operating during the COVID-19 lockdown. The taxi that the arrested driver was driving was found with an overloading of 14 passengers, instead of six plus one (the driver), at the Carletonville R559 Road. This practice effectively violates the social distancing demands made by the state on citizens for the duration of the nationwide shutdown.

According to the state, these regulations (and many others) have been recently passed with the aim of preventing the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. But the South African National Taxi Association has reportedly said that it needs more clarity and collaboration with government regarding the rules and regulations of how taxis should operate under lockdown.

After 09:00 this morning, passengers were left stranded as there were no taxis at the Carletonville taxi rank. This forced many commuters to wait until late afternoon to get transport back home. One of the passengers expressed frustration at the situation but said that they were left with only one choice: to accept and follow what is stipulated in the rules and regulations of the lockdown. “But it is hard to stay at home without food; and most people were paid late by the companies.”

The local shopping centre, Gateway Mall, adhered to the new government rules. Two security guards were stationed to sanitise customers at the main entrance to Shoprite. At the till-points there was also sanitiser for the cashiers, packers and customers. Social distancing between customer and Cashier was strongly adhered to.

The lockdown has also affected church organisations. Many churches based in and around the area are closed. There was no movement, except those going to buy groceries. A few private cars were seen on the road, and the police have not been visible on the roads.

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