Crime Rising In Johannesburg

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Crime in the city of Johannesburg has become a problem for the people. “Crime-worrying” in Johannesburg is a challenge for the community, especially for the working class.

Crime in Johannesburg has increased in large numbers as people are robbed, including property crime, meaning they cannot work.

“The biggest challenge we face as foreigners is that we as business workers get criminals who portray themselves as consumers but they are just there to steal”, said an employee from Brie Embroidery.

Over the past few years, the people of Johannesburg have seen rising levels of crime. “The police should start doing their work. The government should recruit a security guard crew”, said Mtimba, a street vendor in Johannesburg. He continued by saying, “Being unemployed can be the cause of crime because people are hungry out there.”

The issue of crime is one experienced by almost everyone including South African citizens, Johannesburg residents, business owners, and foreigners within the city.

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