Metrobus Johannesburg workers goes on strike

On the 7 May 2018 Democratic Municipal and Allied Workers Union of South Africa (DEMAWUSA), sent the notice to Metrobus Johannesburg about the bus strike that will start on the 5 June 2018. According to DEMAWUSA the strike was protected in terms of section 64(a)(ii) of the Labour Relation Act 66 of 1995 as amended, on the basis that the 30 days have lapsed on 5 May 2018, since the dispute was referred to the bargaining council on the 5 April 2018. in the statement it says that on 31 May 2018 the employer, Metrobus, applied for an interdict to the Labour Court but the application was dismissed on 4 June 2018.

Workers demand that Metrobus Johannesburg should respond to their grievances, but after the strike of 5 June 2018, Metrobus was not willing to resolve any of their demands. On 6 June 2018 both parties met and the employer remained unwilling to resolve their demands.

DEMAWUSA has rejected claims by Metrobus that the strikes are a means to seek recognition as a union. In fact, the CCMA gave DEMAWUSA a recognition agreement in terms of Section 12, 13 and 15 of the Labour Relations Act, as a union. However Metrobus chose to review it at the Labour Court.

“We strongly condemn attempts by Metrobus to mislead the public by claiming that they have already dealt with our demands at the bargaining council. Agreements of the Bargaining Council do not apply to Metrobus and its employees; they are non-party to the bargaining council. Also, the agreement of the bargaining council was not extended to Metrobus and its employees by the Minister in terms of Section 32 of the Labour Relations Act”.

The full list of the workers’ demands can be found in a full statement released by DEMAWUSA which promised that if not met, the strike will continuing indefinitely until the employer agrees to the demands of the workers.

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