Primary School in Khutsong Affected by Nearby Sinkhole

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A primary school (name protected) in Khutsong (on the Westrand of Gauteng) has opened its doors of learning to many pupils from around the area. In recent years however the school has faced problems regarding its structural integrity. When the township first began having problems with sinkholes, cracks started appearing on classroom walls and on the ground.

Then when the sinkhole adjacent to the school expanded, it again affected the classrooms nearest to the sinkhole. Six classrooms have been compromised and as a result are closed off. There are still cracks in other classes which could become a problem.

The school is still waiting to hear from the Gauteng Department of Education regarding a plan of action as the current situation is a hazard to the children who go there everyday and their teachers.

The situation is worrying to many because at any moment the sinkhole could get bigger and the classes might start falling in completely. It is also a concern that the Grade R to Grade 2 younger learners could be in danger being so close to the closed off classrooms, especially because there just tape closing off the area.

Khutsong was declared a local state of disaster in 2016, even before COVID-19 could take over and some national officials have visited the area to say there will be some interventions but they still remain quiet about this issue.

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