Service delivery in our community

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It has been a while now the Ekangala community has not had a proper water supply at all. Due to frustration, the community decided to take to the street and raise their voice.

I do not understand why we as the working class have to go to the street and burn tyres in order for our voices to be heard. It is really not fair because you will never hear that those who stay in the upmarket suburbs have had service delivery problems.

At first, we did not have water for the whole month then the councillor of Ekangala organised water tanks to supply water for us. Those tanks were controlled by the communities but fights happened over that and it was chaos all over. Then the next thing we were left without water. Those who afford to buy themselves JoJo tanks have done so and installed them in their homes.

I think our government is failing us by not reporting to us or notifying us before they close the water supply; or if there are problems with the supply. As long as we as a community we do not get service delivery in our township we are still going to burn tyres or toyi-toyi for service delivery because I think is the best way to express ourselves.

Amandla awethu!!

Phambili nge service delivery phambili

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