A Shutdown of All Moving Things

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The community of Rethabiseng township, Bronkhorstspruit, under the Tshwane municipality, has not had water for a number of days now. The residents are saying “enough is enough! Block the street with burning tyres and stones! No incoming transport!”

School children have been without water for 6 weeks and were forced to return home because the school toilets were dirty. It was feared that the children could have infections from the toilet and have runny tummies and there is also no water to cook in homes.

Service delivery in the City of Tshwane is very poor, the residents say, that even if you go and demand answers why the community is without water for such a long time, the officials would point fingers at each other and say that the pump is broken they have to take it to Midrand to be fixed for 24 hours for two pumps it will take 48 hours.

From 2016 Bronkhorstspruit use 2 out of 5 pump supplies for the community. The pump does not cater to all residents they keep on promising that all pumps, in 2 weeks, starting from 26 September 2022, will be working.

They gave the community 3 water tanks, but these tanks do not reach other sections. Some people who have friends call and have water delivered to them.

Most of the neighbours do not talk to each other and are fighting because of the water issue. Will the pump be fixed in time? And will the City of Tshwane learn to address the community when there is a problem?

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