How COVID-19 Affected a Local Business

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A 32-year-old, Bangladeshi man runs a small grocery store in corner Mooi and Pritchard, in the Johannesburg Central Business District (CBD).

He complained about crime that is happening in the city everyday and also fears for his life as his family is far away from him. When he first arrived he wished to go back home for good but he has been here for three years.

“I first came to South Africa in 2017 because a friend told me that South Africa is a beautiful country and it is easy to do business locally. But when I was in the country things were not the same as my friend had told me.”

Covid-19 has affected his business badly. Currently his business is not doing well as he does not have stock because the lockdown.  He is now trying to pick up the pieces. “The lockdown was hard for everyone as there was no income. I lost a lot of money during that time and had to use savings to survive for the months.”

His family in Bangladesh was nor able to help him with money and there was no relief fund payout to assist him. The flat owner where he lives did not give tenants a discount on the rent even though most of the people are not working.

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