Rethabiseng Residents Abandoned by Municipality

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Rethabiseng, Proper Section (East of Pretoria) residents have had a water crisis since April 2020. Residents have to go to another section to get water or run after the water tank, and if you don’t have a wheel borrow it’s hard to collect water.

Snenhlanhla Primary School, in Proper section, is forced to release learners early because they depend on water tanks for water. After the school break, if learners go to toilets to relieve themselves they find that there is no water.

Residents don’t have the schedule for when the water tanks will deliver water. Delivery usually happens during the week, when residents are not home, so not every one benefits from water tanks.

Sometimes the water is not clean but most families don’t have money to buy purified water and they are forced to use water from tanks without boiling it. Residents also have a problem because the water tank drivers are always in a hurry. At times they say the tank does not have water any more, and the never come back for the people who did not get water.

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