Municipality Uses Political Pressure Groups to Talk to Community

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The community of Rethabiseng (east of Pretoria) had a public meeting on 29 September 2020 about the electricity service delivery that will take place in the area soon. The City of Tshwane is planning to change the electricity boxes to a system of transformer that can accommodate every community in the area.

The community asked why is it so hard for the municipality to come and address the community that they are supposed to be serving. One of these pressure groups answered the community questions at the public meeting without any officials, and the community felt officials don’t take them seriously.

This is because the municipality only talks to and sends political pressures group to hold meetings and address the community about service delivery, as if they are the leaders of the community. Around Rethabiseng the has not been any development taking place without various political pressure groups being involve and people suffer because of these groups are involved in the sub contracts (tender) process.

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