JBF Youth Share Reflections on Freedom Day

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By Kamohelo Ramorara

Grade, School

Freedom Day is a holiday where people celebrate the freedom that we have today. Back then (during apartheid), black people were not allowed to vote. This made black people march and protest for freedom. Some people were arrested for not carrying ‘Dompasses’ or ID books. They also started burning these books.


By Kgomotso Mogamisi

Grade, School

Freedom Day is a public holiday where if you are an adult, you don’t have to go to work and if you are a teenager you don’t have to go to school on that day. It’s celebrated because when it was apartheid people never had a chance to speak up and they were treated differently and according to their skin colour.


By Sibusiso Letawana

Grade, School

Freedom Day is a very special day. The reason being for this is because during apartheid, black people were not treated like other races. Black people mostly suffered and were working tirelessly to satisfy the whites so they can have a better life. The reason that now black people have freedom is because of our brave freedom fighters. One of them is our first black president Nelson Mandela. I would like to thank our freedom fighters for the freedom they fought for us.


By Tyreesha Benjamin

Grade, Missourilaan Secondary School

27 April, a day for people to celebrate their freedom. Is that possible in South Africa?

Yes, we have freedom but not completely. On Freedom Day people drink and party to celebrate their freedom but get so drunk that they end up jeopardising other people’s safety and freedom.

Imagine waking up to celebrate your freedom but have to stay alert because there’s a group of drunk men walking or driving around and kidnapping, shooting and hurting random people. Imagine a mother goes out to do shopping but does not return. Then the family gets a call informing them about the passing of their only daughter, mother, sister, wife, or friend.

This kind of story happens on a daily in our communities.


By Anne Williams

Grade, School (PUSH)

Freedom Day is the day which was given to us as South Africans to release us from

slavery and torture which was brought upon us. Not forgetting the people who fought for us to be free. They are much appreciated and loved.

During the Apartheid era, we had very little privilege as South African black people,

therefore, there were many things we could not speak up about. The main problem was the working hours our people had to endure as well as the rights they could not speak up about.


By Lizzbert Rikhotso

Grade 10, Progress Comprehensive High School on Freedom Day we all restore our humanity for our generation is perishing and we also honour those who suffered for our freedom. Firstly, black people were treated like trash but because of those who cared for us they fought for us to get this freedom that we have today. We are who we are because of those who fought for freedom. We still thank them even today. Freedom always matters.


By Mbalenhle Mhlaba

Grade 10, Missouri Secondary School (PUSH) Freedom Day is so special to us because of our past leaders that have died fighting for this day. Our past leaders died fighting for Freedom so that when the new generation has arrived, they should get a better future, a better life, better schools and houses. They fought for better jobs.

Us as a generation we are very grateful. Because in the past our people faced a lot of problems. But they helped us, and we are grateful, and we appreciate them.

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