Learner Shares Experience of Being Bullied

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Bullying is schools has became one of the biggest problems for school youth in South Africa. It has caused many learners to drop out of school, or commit suicide and some end up doing illegal things likes stealing, and smoking etc.

A learner from J.S Mpanza Primary School in Diepkloop Soweto (south of Johannesburg), Mzakhe Nkosi shared his experience about bullying with Karibu!. “The bullying for started when I became the teacher’s favourite learner. My classmates were very jealous of me so they started bullying me.”

“They would take my lunch box everyday and make me write their homework for them. My friends saw the bullying but they were scared to report this because they were also threatened by those bullies. It went on for a long period of time. When my teacher noticed this she didn’t hesitate to call my parents and the bullies’ parents. The issue was discussed with the principal and the bullies were punished. It took time for me to heal but I did as time went.”

*Katlego Ndlovu is from Rena Le Lona OVC in Soweto and is a member of Tshohang Batjha!, the Jozi Book Fair’s high school youth project.

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