Philosophy for Youth: Remaking the World

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The workshop on ‘Philosophy for Youth’ was a positive and empowering session for all young people in attendance.

The workshop started with a reflective exercise, where young participants introduced themselves and critically analysed social issues taking place in the world and what it would take to remake the desired world.

Theresa Giorza, the facilitator, said the workshop is aimed at allowing young people to think outside the box, listen to each other and to build on what somebody else has said. The workshop was mainly based on coming up with new analysis by working in teams to solve existing problems and social issues.

According to the facilitator Boithatelo Marake from Habitat 61 Creative Hub was the highlight of the session. She wanted to remake the world by building homes for orphans, as she is an orphan herself. This session became a warm, open and a safe space for engaging dialogues. It offered a comfortable platform to talk about social issues and challenges affecting them.

Participants went out in pairs, they picked 6 objects that represented the world. This exercise encouraged thoughtfulness, teamwork and critical thinking to unpack different ways to remake this troubled world. Lerato Mdakana, a participant, in the programmes of Khanya College, wants to remake the world by freeing communities from drugs and drug addiction. She and her teammate, Thandolwethu, picked 6 recyclable objects that represented how badly destroyed the world is. Mdakana explained that picking recyclable objects meant the problem is solvable.

The workshop offered an in-depth experience in a reflective learning environment, It thought all participants to be sympathetic and tolerant to others and themselves. Participants learned philosophical skills that will always encourage them to be better human beings that are able to tackle life challenges.

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